Caesar salad with rabbit

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Yet another great and really easy to make recipe for salad. The creamy Caesar dressing really brings a unique classic flavor to the well-known salad with grilled rabbit. It also is one of the foods that we really enjoy on a hot night during the summer. Note that the salad is very creamy – do not give this to anyone watching the calories – there are more calories in a cream salad then in a burger!

In order to make this incredibly tasty salad, you will need:
For the dressing:
– A cup full of whipping cream with 10% fat content (about 250 ml);
– Two garlic cloves;
– Two tablespoons of Dijon mustard (about 30 ml);
– A pinch of pepper;
– A pinch of salt;
– A quarter of a cup with lemon juice, freshly squeezed (about 50 ml);
– A quarter of a cup with plain yogurt (about 50 ml);
For the salad you will need:
– Four small rabbit breasts without skin and bones;
– Ten cups full of romaine lettuce , torn to pieces (about 2.5 L);
– One third of a cup with Cheddar cheese, grated (about 75 ml);
– Croutons;
The preparation of the salad:
For the dressing:
Combine the pepper, the salt, the mustard, the garlic and the cream into the blender and puree them until you get a smooth mixture. Then pour in the lemon juice while the blender is still running. After that add the yogurt and continue blending. Leave the mixture away for about five minutes or until it has thickened enough.
After that get a shallow dish and pour inside three tablespoons of dressing (about 45 ml). Then get the rabbit breasts and whip them into the dressing in the dish. Let them rest for about five minutes and then grill them on medium heat for a period of 15 minutes (you can broil them, too). Turn them once, in order to be grilled on both sides and take them off the grill once they aren’t pink anymore. After they are grilled, put the rabbit breasts on the cutting board and slice them into thin pieces.
Get a salad bowl and combine inside the Cheddar cheese, the lettuce and some of the remaining dressing, let’s say three quarters of a cup (about 175 ml). Stir the ingredients in the bowl and divide the mixture into serving plates. Then top it with rabbit and croutons and serve. You can use the remaining dressing to make the salad up to your taste. Also, keep in mind that if you make more dressing and some is left from the salad, you can always cover it and put it into the refrigerator as it will be good for eating for up to two more days.

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